Fousse is a valuable partner for businesses around the world. We enthusiastically design and tailor-make furniture. Our existing designs are often perfectly customizable to your specific location/event. Have a look at these designs to get an idea:


The ZzZen loungechair has a playful look, making it an ideal eyecatcher in an office lobby, on a rooftop terrace, in a beach club or during an outdoor event. The chair encourages people to rock and change position, which is excellent for keeping fit and alert, making it a perfect match for corporate trainings, brainstormsessions, etc.

This chair is perfectly adaptable, stackable and weatherproof. The only thing that can’t be changed is its size. The chair itself comes in all colors, and the cushion can be made in various fabrics, from cloth to skai and from leather to polyester, with or without a logo.

The Grinded Chandelier
This striking lamp, made out of glass from broken car windows, can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perfect to give that luxurious sparkle to a reception desk or restaurant.

The lamp can be made as a ceiling lamp, floor lamp or wallmounted lamp. Alternatively, the material can be made in all sorts of sizes, fused or framed within glass/plexiglass layers. It could even be used as a partition wall or as a spectacularly lit ceiling.

X marks the spot / The Domino Effect

These robust bookcases/roomdividers are custom-made showpieces of craftsmanship. Fousse makes these in conjunction with a wood craftsman who perfects highquality wood out of trees he selects himself, the country’s best spraypainter and a state of the art CNC miller. These designs can proudly underline your company’s quality. Think along the lines of an oversized X marks the spot standing freely in the middle of a foyer, or a Ferrari red Domino Effect against the wall in the conference room.

Send us an email if you are curious about what we can do for you.

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