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Got your perfect game console, customised headset, huge flatscreen, stack of games and wireless controllers? Then all you need is the perfect gaming chair! Dutch company Fousse makes playful furniture like the ZzZen, a versatile loungechair without a single straight line or edge which rocks in all directions.

Rounding a corner in Gran Turismo? The ZzZen moves with you!
Peeking around corners in Gears of War? You’ll find yourself tilting your ZzZen loungechair along!
Sledding down a slope on your Wii? The ZzZen is the perfect platform!

With the help of thousands of testers, the ergonomics of this chair have been developed to provide optimal comfort without cushioning you to the point of not moving your spine at all. This subtly helps you develop your core muscles while enjoying your favorite game, so you will now have the perfect excuse when your girl/mom complains about your incessant gaming!

This fun chair is constructed in the Netherlands out of high-tech, recyclable plastics, making it light, unbreakable and suitable for outdoor use. It can be stacked and has a handle for easy storage and transport.
ZzZen cushion available in 10 different colors.
The chair is available in white and anthracite, with ten different colors for the cushions, allowing you to create the color combination that best suits your style, however bold or classical. The cushion adds a little to the comfort, but you can also order it without the cushion. Check out the ZzZen’s specs in this infosheet.

Special Gamebosh.com offers:

United Kingdom
£ 295 for the ZzZen with a cushion in your color of choice. This includes taxes and shipping from the Netherlands to your doorstep anywhere in the UK. You can also get the ZzZen without a cushion for a price of £ 225. If you want to order, please do so below:


Rest of Europe
Not in the UK but in Europe? Please order with us through the button below.


United States
Are you located in the U.S.? Then please order below for a price in USD, including shipping to the U.S.


Not in any of these locations? Please contact us at sales [a] fousse.nl for a quote for your location.

Any questions? Send us a line at info [a] fousse.nl.

Happy gaming!

The Fousse Team

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