Everyone is a designer! is a new campaign by Fousse, which runs until January 20. In a nutshell, it allows anyone anywhere to customize their own ZzZen loungechair. To top that, we’re offering a special price of € 325, which even includes transport to your doorstep anywhere in the world!

Watch the video to find out how it works!


That was pretty awesome,right? If you want your very own, custom-made ZzZen, it’s pretty straightforward: choose the color for your ZzZen on this page, then choose the fabric for the cushion on this page.

Order your ZzZen on the left by filling in the HTML code for your ZzZen and productcode/name for the fabric in the comments box. After you click Buy Now, you can change the number of chairs you want and one step further on, you fill in the address you would like us to ship to. We work with Paypal and accept all major creditcards. Free shipping is included for any location worldwide.

After the campaign ends on January 15, we’ll produce your chairs and send them to you: orders will arrive before the end of February.

We hope we can make you a customized ZzZen and please, don’t hesitate, send us an email via our contact page if you have any questions!

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